Bupadhengo Mother's Union Tailoring School

The Mothers’ Union is a world wide organisation of church married Christian women who share common goals

When we visited our projects in Uganda in March 2009, The Mother’s Union, from Bupadhengo Nursery School, organised by Mrs Robinah Lwevola, requested £400 to purchase 3 sewing machines and the necessary tailoring equipment (eg:  pins, thread, chalk etc).   They said that these sewing machines would be used during the afternoon and holidays, once the nursery children have gone home, to teach the girls who have dropped out of education, due to lack of funds or through being pregnant.   A skill, such as this, is part of our overall education plan, to encourage skills in order to alleviate poverty.

Thanks to CW Fellowes, www.cwfellowes.com  who co-sponsored  our Sister Act evening in June 2009, at the London Palladium, we have been able to purchase these machines.  By September 2009, 12 students had joined the sewing class.

The tailoring school now has five machines, two of which were donated by The Rt. Hon.Rebecca Kadaga MP, deputy speaker of the Ugandan Parliament.

After our visit in March 2013 we will make decisions as to how to best to help this organisation.


Head Teacher:  Mrs Robinah Lwevola

Number of students in March 2012:  12