Bukyonza Nursery School

Bukyonza Primary introduced a nursery class in 2007 and in less than five months there were over 60 children each day.  By February 2010, as a result of the new classrooms, the enrolment had doubled to 125 children, which is all very encouraging.  This shows that the local community support Joyce Ndimukika, the headteacher, with a clear sense of leadership.

In the beginning their classroom was alongside the 5 – 7 year olds which was not ideal as the older children were noisy and intimidating.  Also it meant that the primary school lost a classroom and thus there were 140 children, aged 5-7 years, all in one classroom.

We are very grateful to Lycetts, www.lycetts.co.uk for sponsoring our Sister Act evening in the London Palladium in June 2009, and thus providing funds to enable us to build three nursery classrooms, a teacher’s office and storeroom.  (See photo right).

Completed Projects have included:

  • Built 3 classrooms, teacher’s office and storeroom – 2009
  • Built 4 nursery latrines – 2010
  • Supplied 30 x 3-seater desks – 2011
  • Provided slates and chalks - 2011

In November 2010 we completed 4 nursery latrines and our thanks go to Bob Thompson, and his committee at the Royal Standard, Buckinghamshire, especially John Meredith, for raising funds at their fine art festival and auction in August 2009.

During 2011 we gave the school some desks, slates and chalks.  We need to keep encouraging the nursery section and, in the years to come, we would like to donate some playground equipment and a water tank.


Head Teacher:  Mrs Joyce Ndimukika

Number of pupils March 2013:  125