Bukyonza Primary School

School Motto:  Education Pays
School Mission:  Promoting pupils potential in all aspects for future reliance

This is a very exciting school with an excellent head teacher and a growing enrolment. Academic results are rising, the boarding section is growing in numbers, the teachers are hard working and committed, and the community are very supportive of the school.

At some stage, hopefully during 2013, we would like to provide 4 new teachers’ houses and 4 teachers’ latrines and washrooms.  In order to keep good teachers there must be enough houses, otherwise they are wasting many valuable hours walking to and from their home.  The school also needs 2 x 20,000 litre water tanks and 8 new girls’ latrines, plus 8 new boys’ latrines.   At present, there are only 10 latrines for 1000 pupils, whilst the teachers have 4 poor stanzas for themselves and their families, with no washing facilities. The school lacks sufficient desks, half the pupils have to sit on the ground, which is certainly not conducive to learning.  There is a need for single desks for the top year and 3-seater desks for the remaining years.

The school has a large kitchen garden where it tries to grow maize etc in order to supplement the children’s lunch but, often due to the drought, plants do not survive.  This is a hardworking school and we really want to support it in the near future.

Head Teacher:  Mrs Joyce Ndimukika

Number of pupils March 2013:  1039