Bukyonza Primary School

School Motto:  Education Pays
School Mission:  Promoting pupils potential in all aspects for future reliance

Bukyonza is run by the inspirational Head Teacher, Joyce Ndimukika, and is situated in a remote enclave of the Kamuli District.  Through her singular vision, a very remote school has become integral to the local community with over 1000 children and rising academic standards.  The school has also started a successful nursery class, providing an important foundation for children before primary school that is so often lacking elsewhere in Uganda.

Completed projects have included:

  • Built a new 4 Classroom Block  -  2007
  • Provided 100 new desks  -  2008
  • Built 3 new teachers’ houses -  2008
  • Renovated 2 teachers’ house  -  2008
  • Provided 45 beds for dormitory  -  2008
  • Installed solar powered lighting  -  2009
  • Construction of boys’ bathroom – 2010
  • Completion of girls’ bathroom – 2010
  • Construction of 10,000 litre ISSB water tank - 2010

The new solar panels were commissioned in March 2009 and have proved to be very efficient. With unlimited sunshine in Uganda, the panels are fully charged for the dark evenings.  This enables pupils to continue their work and prep under proper lighting, when they used either to have to resort to dangerous small spirit burners or simply stop work.

During the end of 2010 we were able to provide a much needed water tank.  At present the school shares a borehole, which is 500 metres away, and serves the entire local community.  Consequently during the dry season this borehole dries up.  We have also improved both the boys and girls washing areas.  Photos of their previous bathrooms pictured on the right.  All of the above we were able to undertake thanks to the kindness of Bob Thompson, who undertook to sell 14 of his watercolours at The Royal Standard Pub in Buckinghamshire in August 2009, in aid of Henry’s Fund, see Fundraising Events, past.

See our plans for 2013 under future projects for this school.

Head Teacher:  Mrs Joyce Ndimukika

Number of pupils March 2013: 1039