Bukyonda Primary School

School Motto: We strive for prominence

Bukyonda Primary School started in the early 1980s in Kamuli district under the management of the Bukyonda community.   Later, in 1997, at the inception of Universal Primary Education (UPE), the school was taken over by the government and 4 teachers were posted to run the school.

In 2001 the School Management Committee (SMC), together with the community, managed to secure 2 acres of land - it is a long and thin plot (see photo) - to settle the school permanently.  In 2002 the government constructed a 2 classroom block, to include a head teacher's office and storeroom, and a 5 stanza latrine.  Later in 2010 they added a further 5 stanza latrine to maintain proper hygiene for the ever increasing pupil enrolment.

The head teacher, Joseph, is young and very enthusiastic.  He has the backing of the local community, the primary school teachers, Robert Mukisa, the neighbouring head teacher from Bupadhengo Secondary School, where the majority of leavers from Bukyonda primary school go in order to continue their education, plus the PTA and a strong and committed SMC.  In total there are 714 pupils with 12 qualified teachers, all on the government pay roll.

At present the school is operating on two sites which is not easy.  Classes 1, 2 and 3 are all in the local community centre, while classes 4, 5, 6 and 7 are at the main school site, where there are only 2 permanent classrooms.  Therefore 2 classes have to take place under the shade of trees which means that when it rains the pupils have to go home and no classes take place. There are about 100 pupils in each class which makes learning difficult.

There are no teachers’ houses, which means that the teachers are often absent and frequently late, both of which affect the learning opportunity for the pupils.  At present there are 68 x 3-seater desks, for approximately 170 pupils, therefore over 500 children have to sit on the floor.  As with other schools, this means that they are prone to the jiggers parasite. For more information on Jiggers please click here.

We would very much like to support this school, during 2013, but, at present, we lack the funds.  We would like to support them in 2 stages.  Firstly, with the construction of 3.5 classrooms, some 80 x 3-seater desks, a 20,000 litres water tank, refurbish the present 5 boys’ latrines and some textbooks – this would all total nearly £20,000.  Stage 2 would be to construct a further 2.5 classrooms, 4 teachers’ houses, plus latrines and washing facilities, to refurbish the present 2.5 classrooms and construct a 2nd water tank, these would total nearly £25,000.  Thus the total project will cost £45,000 spread over two years.

Head Teacher:  Mr Joseph Baidu

Number of Pupils in March 2012:  714