Bugulumbya Primary School

School Motto:  Education is Power

HvSMF supported this school in 2012 and we would like to continue our support during 2012/2014.  We are hoping to receive funding to renovate the 4 classrooms and deputy head teacher’s office [See picture to the right].  This school suffers from the Jiggers parasite, which enters the childrens’ feet under their toe nails, when they sit in classrooms with no shoes and no cement on the floor.  The jiggers live in the dirt.  For more information on Jiggers please click here. Due to a lack of funds and alternatives, the school has to use these classrooms.  We would like to supply 40 extra desks and some text books.

We would also like to renovate some of the blocks of teachers’ houses [See picture to the right]. These are in such poor condition that no teacher dares to live in them.  We also wish to construct 4 new teachers’ houses, along with teachers’ latrines and washrooms.  Unless teachers have proper facilities, they will live away from the school, spending precious teaching time walking to and from the school.  Thus, it is really important to support the teachers, as this in turn benefits the children.

This school needs £20,000 in order to bring it up to a good standard with new and renovated buildings,We believe that, with support, this school will perform much better. In September there was a change of head teacher as Wilson Ndimukika retired and John Luweire arrived. We are looking forward to meeting him in March 2013.

Head Teacher:  Mr John Luweire

Number of pupils in March 2012:  1339