Bishop Willigers Secondary School

School Motto:  Endure for Success

In order to promote secondary education in Namalemba sub-county, a group of parents decided to establish this school and named it Bishop Willigers Secondary School in honour and appreciation of the good work done by Bishop Willigers, of Jinja Diocese, in promotion of children's education.  The school is now being run by the community and the board of governors.  HvSMF already supports St Mulumba Iganga and St Michaels which are two primary schools that feed Bishop Willigers.  The local District Education Officer has requested that we should offer our support to this promising new school.

The head teacher, Kennedy, is young and very enthusiastic.  He is excellent at keeping in touch and is very keen for our support.  At present there are 4 unfinished classrooms which accommodate the 98 students.  There are 12 teaching staff, all of whom live away from the school.  This means that precious time is being wasted every morning and evening whilst they walk to and from school.  The school is on church land and covers 12 acres.

The 4 classroom block also includes the assembly hall. (see right)  The building needs to be plastered inside and out and the entire floor needs screeding, this would eradicate the Jiggers problem which is always prevalent where the floors are unfinished.  For more information on jiggers please click here. The Rotarian Club of Morriston, South Wales, donated the 18 blue windows and 4 doors.  There is a head teacher’s office and staff room attached to the classrooms, see photo.  There is also a further unfinished classroom - see below:



There are 4 x stanza latrines which were donated by the governors (see right.) These need to be finished off with plaster and paint.  There is a bore hole with a hand pump which was donated by the Rotary Club Trent Bridge, Nottingham, because Father Vincent, a governor of Bishop Willigers, often visits the UK.  The school needs 20 x single seater desks for its top year students, S4.

We are keen to support this school but as yet do not have the necessary funds.  Stage 1 would be to complete the classrooms and latrines.  For this we would need about £5,500, plus donate some desks @ £18 each.  Stage 2 would be to construct 4 teachers’ houses, plus 4 teachers’ latrines and 2 teachers’ washrooms.  For this we would need approx £9,000.  Stge 3 would be to donate a library, a science laboratory and prep room at a cost of £9,300.  We would then monitor the school and see whether, as a direct result of  HvSMF’s assistance, their enrolment increases, and their academic results improve, before providing any further donations.



Head Teacher:  Mr Kennedy Bogere

Number of Pupils in June 2014:  98 students