Alex and Claire van Straubenzee - Trustees - Henry's parents
As Henry's parents, Alex and Claire were very keen to establish a lasting memorial to his life. What started as a one off donation to the school in Uganda, where Henry was destined to teach, has grown into projects in 39 different schools in 2014.

Thomas and Charlie van Straubenzee - Trustees - Henry's brothers

Ed Browne – Trustee

Charlie Savory – Trustee

Lucy Straker – Trustee

Sue Macpherson ARPS – Sue has accompanied us on our trips to Uganda during the past 4 years and the majority of the photograghs featured on the website were taken by her.  Many of Sue’s excellent photographs can be viewed by clicking on the flickr logo at the bottom of the page.  

Richard Lebon FRGS – Advisor on Africa and developing countries. Richard has worked for disaster emergency organisations in countries such as The Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti and Pakistan and brings a wealth of knowledge and valuable advice to our charity. He is now a qualified engineer and has recently taken up a job with Mott MacDonald.


Our Team in Uganda


Malcolm [Budge] Burridge – Projects Director - Uganda
Budge was appointed to this role during 2012.  He and his wife, Bryony, have built their home near Jinja, on the banks of the Nile.  He is responsible for all our school projects and for organising our funds in Uganda.  He is also responsible for the day to day management of our teams of builders and painters and is a point of contact for any volunteers.  Budge served for 24 years in the Parachute Regiment and afterwards worked for a security firm in Irag and Afghanistan.  More recently he gained extensive experience of construction projects in Eastern Africa working for the US Government.  Bryony is a qualified structural engineer with many years building experience. She produces the drawings and plans for all our future building projects.

Bryony Burridge – Charity Administrator
Bryony is married to Budge and has worked and lived in Jinja since 2004.  She is a qualified Engineer with many years building experience. She assists with the charity’s administration and produces the drawings and plans for all our future building projects.  She also has overall control of our accounts in Uganda.

Godfrey Samanya Saijabi  –  Charity Ambassador
Godfrey is a full time head master at Bupadhengo Primary School – the best performing primary school in Kamuli District since 2007.  He has 34 years experience as a teacher in Uganda and has been a head master for over 20 years.  Since 2007 he has been chairman of the Kamuli Head Teachers Assoctiation for primary schools.  He is the Charity Ambassador who assists Budge with all building projects at our schools.  Most importantly he is the link between HvSMF, the school head teachers and the Ugandan Schools authorities, part of the Ministry of Education and Sport, whose support is vital to the Charity.

Douglas Gracious Kaija – Charity Projects Assistant
Douglas joined HvSMF in January 2013 as the supervisor to our painting team.  He is a professional painter, originally from Kampala, who has worked for Budge and Bryony in the past.  All paintwork has improved measurably and all our buildings are now painted to a standard design.  Also, since he has been a member of our team in Uganda, costs have decreased as purchasing is better controlled.  Recently he has been promoted to assist both Budge and Godfrey with all building projects.

Building Contractors
Our building contractors include:  John, Moses and James (brothers), Sam (John’s first cousin) and Noah. Their teams of builders are highly skilled and very experienced in all school building projects.  Overall, we have approximately 80 builders working for the HvSMF and that does not include the roofers, the carpenters and the painters