Nalango Primary School

School Motto:  Knowledge is Power

Nalango Primary School received a substantial amount of assistance from HvSMF in 2013 and so we are now waiting to see the results of our intervention. There are 814 pupils of which 395 are boys and 419 are girls.

The next project, for which we need funding, is 4 new teachers’ houses, costing £7,500, as at present there are 7 teachers living at the school and a further 13 have to rent accommodation which is costly, or they are walking many kilometres to and from school which is using up valuable time that could be spent on improving the academic results of the pupils.

There is also a need for a further 8 latrines for the girls in order that the boys and girls would no longer need to share. 

We can now provide a sports package and staffroom furniture, both of which are needed at the school since they play football and netball, plus textbooks as the Ugandan government continually change the syllabus but fail to provide the textbooks to assist learning / teaching..

One day we would like to donate a 3 classroom nursery school @ £10,000 as, at present, two of the primary school classrooms are being used for the 65 nursery children who attend each day.

Since the arrival of Grace Mutalya in September 2012 the attendance at the school has been improving and the local community is being more supportive.   We hope that academic results will continue to improve so that we can assist the school again in the future. 


Head Teacher:  Mr Grace Mutalya

Number of Pupils in March 2014:  814