Nalinaibi Primary School

School Motto:  Knowledge is Wealth

This is a church-founded school in need of support and I feel sure that if we were able to help this would have a big impact in the community. The enrolment is strong although the catchment area is poor.  Examination performances were below standard last year, possibly, as a result of a shortage of teachers and a change of head teacher.  Aisha Naiwumbwe has now returned for a second term as head teacher.

The school has 599 pupils – 318 boys and 292 girls.  There are 13 teachers but they are frequently late, especially when it rains, as they have to walk long distances to the school.  There are many classrooms, all having been built by the community with help from the government.  They are all basic and unfinished, very dusty and need plastering; the floors need cementing, etc.

The school has many challenges.  Approximately £6,000 would improve at least 4 classrooms and bring them up to our normal standard.  Another £6,000 would provide 4 new much needed teachers’ houses. £1,500 would improve the dilapidated head teacher’s house, (pictured right.) £3,000 would provide an 8 stanza latrine for the girls and £1,500 would provide a 4 stanza latrine for the teachers.  At present, they only have 4 latrines for the 600 children and one for the teachers.  There is a great need for extra desks. Each costs £25 and provides a seat for 3 children.

This is a school that desperately needs our help to bring the facilities up to an acceptable standard and, hopefully, as a result, the academic standards will rise.

Head Teacher:  Miss Aisha Naiwumbwe

Number of Pupils in March 2010:  610